DNA Sample Collection Instructions

After placing an order with us for a Home Paternity DNA Test or any of our easy to use DNA services, a DNA testing kit will be sent direct to you. All of our DNA sample collection kits are sent in unmarked discreet packaging with no company or content labels attached, so you can set your mind to rest that the test is done in total anonymity.

A simple sample of your saliva taken by using oral (buccal) swabs is all that is needed to test for DNA in the AABB accredited laboratory. There is no need for needles, no blood draw, pain, or time spent wasted in a waiting room at a medical clinic for a doctor.  The only exception to this is our Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing DNA test, in which a blood draw is required.

Use our simple sample collection guide to familiarize yourself with the DNA sample collection process from start to finish.  Knowing this information will streamline the experience for you when your kit arrives in the mail.

Note: All participants in the DNA test should read the instructions carefully before providing their DNA sample. Please do not eat or drink 30 minutes prior to having saliva samples taken as traces of food or beverages in the mouth may lead to contamination of the DNA sample.

DNA Collection Instructions

DNA Sample Collection Instructions

Our home DNA test kit contains oral (buccal) swabs. For a visual representation of how to collect samples click on the picture above or read the more detailed step by step instructions below.

For info on legal DNA testing click here.

For legal DNA testing collection instructions (chain of custody) click here.

Step 1

Fill out the consent forms you find inside the kit. Each person participating in the test must complete and sign the form. Parents or guardians can sign for children and minors.

Step 2

Fill out the information on the front of each sample envelope with the basic information from the consent forms. Label one envelope per person.

Step 3

With clean hands, remove swabs from packaging.

Proceed to rub the oral (buccal) swab firmly against the inner cheek surface for approximately 1 minute. This action should be firm but not aggressive and should not be uncomfortable.

Repeat this step twice (two swabs) per person.

Step 4

Allow the swabs to dry. This can take approximately one hour.

Please do not touch the swabs to ensure they are dry.

Tip: You can place them upright in a clean glass to dry.

Step 5

Once the swabs are dry, place them to their corresponding sample envelopes. Make sure that at no time do swabs from different people come into contact with one another. Seal the envelopes.

Step 6

Place the swab envelopes and the fully filled out and signed consent form(s) into the larger pre-addressed prepaid envelope. Make sure everything is enclosed (consent forms, swabs in their envelopes, etc) or testing may take longer as we will need to have you resend the paperwork.

How fast will I get my results?

We can proudly say we have the fastest turn around time for DNA and genetic testing in the industry.

For informational and legal tests it takes as little as two (2) to three (3) business days from the receipt of the sample at our laboratory. 

Infidelity and cases involving special samples or forensic DNA work* it will take a minimum of five (5) or seven (7) business days from sample receipt at our laboratory.

For Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing takes up to seven (7) business days from receipt in the mail.

*For more specific info on Special Cases or Forensic DNA turn around time see our FAQ page.

For additional questions see our FAQ, use our Contact Us page to request a call back, or email us at Info@ValidityGenetics.com