Legal DNA Testing

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Legal DNA Tests

What makes a DNA test Legal?

Legal DNA tests are required for use in court cases, such as child support, paternity, child custody, US VISA and immigration, Adoptions, or any cases involving a court ordered DNA test. Legal DNA tests require more attention and special handling. They must follow a regulated Chain of Custody and be tested in an AABB Accredited Laboratory (or ISO certified lab, for legal cases outside of the United States).

Chain of Custody is everything that surrounds a sample when it is collected all the way to its submission for testing. This process ensures the integrity of the sample throughout the collection and testing phases. When chain of custody is done correctly this will ensure the sample can be used in a local, state, or federal court of law for any purpose needing accurate and valid legal DNA results.

Establishing Paternity, Child Support, Adoption, Child Custody, Court Orders, adding a name to a Birth Certificate are common reasons for a Legal DNA test

Rules for maintaining Chain of Custody:

  • At no time is a participant allowed to touch or handle the DNA collection kit or its contents.

  • Samples must be collected, processed, and mailed by an unrelated neutral third party.

  • All participants must be identified photographically using a state or federal issued ID and a photo must be taken at the time of testing.

  • Participants must give written consent. Legal guardians may sign for minors.

  • DNA samples must be performed in a state-of-the-art DNA Laboratory accredited by the AABB.

All these steps must be followed by the participants and the unrelated third party (sample collector) for the test to be considered legal. Click here for a detailed sample collectors Chain of Custody guide.

AABB Accredited laboratory

AABB accreditation is the gold standard certification for laboratories involved in DNA and paternity testing.  The AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) has established very high and rigorous standards of quality with respect to sample collection, laboratory analysis, client confidentiality, experience, and lab safety. Through regular on-site inspections they ensure all accredited facilities comply with these standards.  The AABB is approved by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services as an organization whose accreditation qualifies a laboratory to perform legal, or court admissible, DNA testing for all legal court cases; these can involve child support, paternity, child custody, changes to a birth certificate, will and trusts, immigration, and much more. Being AABB accredited also means a laboratory can work with the U.S. Department of State and USCIS on DNA and relationship tests that would be used for U.S. VISA and immigration purposes.  

If your DNA results will be presented as evidence in a court of law, in any legal matter or to a government authority, you should ensure you order your DNA testing through an AABB accredited laboratory or company.  Doing so will ensure you peace of mind when facing any legal challenge and you can be assured that the results are accurate, valid, and complete.  

Validity Genetics is proud to be associated with one of the few DNA testing facilities currently ISO certified and AABB accredited in the United States.  As such we proudly stand behind our DNA testing and ensure that it is done here in America, with clear and understandable results, and accurate to the highest degree.

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