Advanced Infidelity DNA Testing

Utilizing the latest and most advanced forensic technology to get answers.

Utilizing the latest and most advanced forensic technology to get answers.

Forensic Infidelity DNA Testing

Using the most advanced DNA testing Methods to catch a cheater

Do you suspect your spouse of cheating? Have you found suspicious items around the house that don’t belong to you or anyone in your family? An errant undergarment, extra toothbrush, stain on a shirt or bed sheets?

Infidelity can be difficult to prove, but if you need confirmation of evidence for yourself or others, forensic DNA testing is the best way to do so. Our advanced tests work for both male and females, so every philandering girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife can be tested for.

If you need an accurate, fast, and private test for infidelity, this advanced DNA test is for you.

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What are the different types of infidelity tests?

Advanced Infidelity DNA test (Autosomal) - From $399

In both our Advanced Infidelity DNA Test and the Complete Advanced Infidelity DNA Test our DNA analysts will conduct what is known as a multiple gender or Autosomal test on the collected sample or stain. This will compile all DNA profiles, compare all samples against one another and determine whether the found genetic material belongs to a male, female, or a mix of both.

The complete process is broken down into these steps:

  1. Identify any existing DNA on the suspected sample or stain.

  2. Match the found DNA to a reference swab you submit to eliminate your DNA from the equation. If provided, we will match your partners DNA reference swab and indicate if it is found in the sample or stain.

  3. Any remaining DNA is then isolated and the report will indicate whether this remaining DNA is male, female, or a mix of both.

When all the testing is done, Validity Genetics will generate a report containing all of the DNA profiles obtained from the samples, a write up of what was detected, and if there was a match or non-match between the reference swab and sample(s) submitted.

Semen detection test - $125

Our semen analysis is a stand-alone test which uses a four step process to detect the presence of semen on or in a sample. This type of test only determines the presence of semen, it does not provide a DNA analysis.

saliva detection test - $125

This stand alone test will determine the presence of human saliva in a sample. This test does not provide a DNA analysis.

Complete Advanced Infidelity DNA Test - From $475

This is the combination of both our Advanced Infidelity DNA Test (see above) and a Semen Detection Test.  This analysis is highly recommended to obtain the most informative, accurate, and conclusive results.

Forensic or Special Samples in Infidelity Testing

What types of items can I use for sample collection?

The most common and helpful sources of a DNA test include things that can help prove a claim of adultery. These include samples like:

  • Used condom

  • Toothbrush

  • Feminine hygiene pads

  • Blood

  • Stained Sheets

  • Underwear and other clothing

  • Hair

This is not a complete list of sample sources.

Click here for more examples of samples used for DNA testing.

Other samples that might contain DNA include things like gum, dental floss, toothpicks, nail clippings, clothing, head coverings (like hats or bandanas), or any other items from which an expert can extract DNA. Contact us to make sure your sample can be used. An additional fee may be required based upon the type of sample submitted.

Click here for information on how to collect Forensic Samples for Infidelity DNA Tests.

Special note about old or degraded DNA samples

Is there an old article of clothing, hairs, or other object you swear aren't yours or your partners? Maybe you hid it somewhere and were planning to use it to confront them.  Send it to us to test!

Ultraviolet light, extreme temperature and moisture are the primary destructive agents that lead to the degradation of DNA molecules. But, even if it has been a while since you found a suspicious object, degraded samples may still be useful. Because infidelity testing does not require a detailed profile workup, it’s possible that degraded samples can also be used to make infidelity determinations.  

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Infidelity DNA Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

What will the infidelity DNA test results show?

While performing our Advanced Infidelity DNA Test or Complete Advanced Infidelity DNA Test, our experts will determine if the sample is in fact human, sometimes the material you find may not be human at all. It might be a leftover food stain, or a sample left by an animal or other pet. If the sample is human, the test will show the gender(s) in the sample and include a comparison against your sample(s) of DNA provided.

Semen and Saliva Detection Tests will only show if the respective fluid is present. It will not generate a DNA report with the sex or genetic make up of the sample, if detected.


Of course! Our team of DNA professionals are here to listen to your needs and help you decide on what is best for you. We have multiple ways for you to get a hold of us. Send us an email from our Contact Us page, chat with a specialist on our Facebook Page via Messenger, or give us a call!


Validity Genetics has an industry leading turnaround time of only two to three business days for all of our standard DNA collection tests.

For Paternal Lineage (Y-STR) and Infidelity DNA Tests it takes a few days longer, usually results are done between 3-5 days.


All of our home and infidelity DNA tests are done to the same standards as our AABB legal DNA relationship tests. Our tests are performed in a fully CAP, A2LA, AABB accredited and ISO 17025/9001 certified laboratory. All of our paternity and family DNA testing services follow strict and validated procedures for processing samples to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy. Our testing process looks for 24 genetic markers ensuring you receive 99.99% accurate test results.

Legal Testing Options are Not Available for Infidelity DNA Tests